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A cost effective alternative to traditional remodeling

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Surface Solutions of Sergeant Bluff, IA offers consumers a unique and affordable solution to the bathtub conversion with a product called the Cleancut Step. Within a day, Surface Solutions can take an existing bathtub (whether it's made of fiberglass, steel, or cast-iron) and install the Cleancut Step.

Reasons why you should consider the Cleancut Step:

Protect your family from slips and falls

  • Installed using the existing bathtub whether it's fiberglass, steel or cast-iron

  • Easy to install without major demolition and expense

  • Installed in less than one day

  • Durable and easy to clean

  • Provides a safer entry into the bathtub/shower area

  • Reduces the possibility of falls while getting in and out of the bathtub

  • Affords peace of mind to you or a family member

The Cleancut Step enables an individual with limited mobility or decreased flexibility the means to access the bathtub in a safe and secure manner. Accidents can be significantly diminished with the Cleancut Step which reduces the height of the bathtub edge and therefore lowers the barrier that would otherwise prevent individuals from easily accessing their bathtub.


The Cleancut Step is the perfect complement to Surface Solutions' other services, particularly the acrylic wall surrounds, which can be installed prior to the tub-to-shower conversion.

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Get a Convenient Cleancut Step

Let us create a safer and easier entry to a bathtub/shower for the elderly and those who are prone to falls.

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