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You can depend on the professionals at Surface Solutions to provide you with exceptional kitchen remodeling, cabinet refacing, and other services. Serving Sergeant Bluff, IA, you can rely on us to cater to all your cabinet refacing needs, and more.

What is resurfacing?

Why resurface or reface?

Resurfacing is a system by which a very durable, high tech coating is applied over an existing surface without removal or replacement. Resurfacing provides a brand new, long lasting appearance.

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Is resurfacing just for bathtubs?

No, resurfacing works beautifully on a variety of surfaces. Besides cast iron, fiberglass and steel bathtubs, Surface Solutions resurfaces tile, countertops and showers.

How durable is the finish?

Extremely.  Unlike European coatings, the resin used by Surface Solutions provides a surface that is harder than acrylic or enamel, yet extremely flexible.  Its resilience is essential to its durability and long wear.  The resin will not crack and has terrific stain resistance and color retention.

How long will it last?

With proper care and maintenance, the average customer can expect the finish to last 10 - 15 years.

Is there a warranty?

Because we use superior performing products, we confidently offer a five-year warranty against products and/or workmanship failure.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing allows you to replace your cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and accessories with minimal disruption. The structure of your cabinets remain intact and are painted or covered with high quality wood veneer and prefinished plywood to provide the look you desire. Your new doors and drawer fronts will match the refaced frames and give your kitchen a completely new look. The possibilities are endless!

What are the advantages of refacing cabinets?

While avoiding the disruption caused by a conventional cabinet replacement job, kitchen cabinet refacing or refacing can be completed in a few days, for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Generally, cabinet refacing is about 50 percent less than the cost of complete cabinet replacement.

What are the reasons for considering installation of an acrylic liner?

As an alternative to replacement or resurfacing, Surface Solutions’ custom-made acrylic bathtubs and wall surrounds are installed over existing bathtubs and walls without tearing up the existing plumbing or surrounding wall area. Secondly, Surface Solutions’ liners are the thickest and highest quality in the industry. The durable acrylic surfaces will not chip, dent, crack or peel. Thirdly, an acrylic liner may be the only economically-feasible replacement alternative for bathtubs that are severely damaged or deteriorated. Finally, installing an acrylic liner may be more appropriate in places subject to heavy use such as hotels and apartments.

What is the Cleancut Step?

A CleanCut step is is a slip-resistant step that is installed on the front of an existing fiberglass, steel, or cast iron bathtub. We remove a portion of the front side of the bathtub to add step-in accessibility. Conveniently, it configures from a step-in to a full bath in seconds with a plug insert. The CleanCut step provides individuals, particularly the elderly or the handicapped, a safer entry into a bathtub/shower area.

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What can I do to update countertops?

We can resurface an existing countertop or install a new one. When resurfacing, several different colors are blended together to create a dimensional stone look finish that is applied over an exsiting countertop. If a new countertop is what you desire, we can install a solid surface or quartz countertop. Both are non-porous and resist stains, mold, and bacteria. In addition, both are extremely durable and easy to clean.

It can save you money. Typically resurfacing is up to 75 percent less expensive than replacement. Refacing is about 50 percent less.

It is customizable. When resurfacing, custom colors are available to compliment any decorating style. When refacing, various paint and stain colors as well as door styles are available. Many people resurface or reface if the color or style has become outdated, the surface has been damaged or dull and worn over time.

It is convenient and saves time. You can avoid the disruption and mess caused by traditional remodeling by resurfacing and refacing. Bathroom fixtures can be resurfaced within 4-8 hours and ready to use within 48 hours. Typically, kitchen cabinets can be refaced in a week or less.