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A cost effective alternative to traditional remodeling

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Bathtubs, showers and ceramic tile can be resurfaced to a like new condition.  Resurfacing is a process by which an extremely durable, high-tech coating is applied over an existing surface without any removal or replacement giving the surface a new look.  Most bathroom resurfacing jobs are completed in less than one day.  All fixtures are available for use 48 hours after the job is completed.  Once the fixture is resurfaced, care and maintenance is effortless.  Typically, all that is required is a mild liquid cleaner like Scrubbing Bubbles, a sponge and a soft cotton towel.


In addition to resurfacing, Surface Solutions installs custom made acrylic bathtubs and wall surrounds over existing bathtubs and walls.  The bathtub liners are constructed with a 1/4" thick acrylic that will not chip, dent, crack or peel and are custom made to fit your specific bathtub.  Acrylic walls are cut on site to custom fit tight against the existing sheetrocked or tiled wall.  No messy demolition phase is required to install an acrylic liner and you can use your new bathtub and/or shower system the day after installation. Surface Solution also installs onyx custom shower bases and wall surrounds. They can be ordered to your specification in almost any color, shape and size.

Take the hassle out of bathroom remodeling

  • Durable yet flexible finish

  • 10-15 year surface life with resurfacing

  • 20-30 year product life with acrylic installation

  • Costs less than replacement

  • Hassle and mess free

  • Jobs completed in as little as one day

  • 5 year warranty

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Get the bathroom you've always dreamed about

Are you tired of that blue, green, or gold bathroom?  Surface Solutions can resurface your bathtub, install an acrylic liner and wall surround, or install an onyx custom shower for a completely new look!

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